A Deep Dive into Cat Breeds: From the Rarest to the Most Popular

October 18, 2023

Cats have been enchanting humans with their mystical aura and playful behaviors for countless generations. As our understanding of these magnificent creatures has grown over time, so has our appreciation for the diversity within the various breeds. But how many breeds exist today, and how do they connect to their wild ancestors?

How Many Cat Breeds Are There in 2023?

As of 2023, The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes over 70 distinct cat breeds1. This number can fluctuate slightly, depending on the cat association and their criteria. Each breed has its unique charm, backstory, and physical characteristics, contributing to the vast mosaic of the feline world.

The Rarest Cat: The Singapura

The Singapura, with its intriguing moniker of the "purse cat" owing to its compact size, is one of the rarest feline breeds2. Hailing from the lively streets of Singapore, the Singapura's history is one of survival and resilience. These cats were known to inhabit the alleyways and nooks of the city, scavenging for food and avoiding potential threats. Their ability to thrive in such an environment speaks to their intelligence, agility, and adaptability. Their small stature allowed them to navigate tight spaces, while their keen senses kept them alert to dangers. Over time, their unique appearance and endearing personality caught the attention of breeders, leading to their eventual recognition as an official breed.

The People's Choice: The Domestic Shorthair

The Domestic Shorthair holds a special place in the hearts of many, reigning as one of the most popular cat breeds globally3. These cats offer a plethora of coat colors and patterns, ensuring there's a Domestic Shorthair for every cat enthusiast. Their easy-going nature and affectionate demeanor further cement their status as a household favorite.

Size Matters: The Biggest and Smallest Cat Breeds

The Maine Coon is undeniably the king of domestic cats when size is concerned4. Originating from the northeastern U.S., this breed, with its bushy tail, tufted ears, and robust physique, can easily be mistaken for a small wildcat. Their temperament, however, is anything but wild, as they are known for their friendly and sociable nature.

While the Singapura is a standout in the smaller cat category, the Cornish Rex also deserves a mention. With its curly coat, slender body, and prominent ears, the Cornish Rex is not only petite but also boasts a distinctive appearance. Weighing typically between 5-10 pounds, their playful and affectionate demeanor makes them a popular choice among those seeking smaller cat breeds5.

Tracing Back to the Wild

Every domesticated cat breed has roots that trace back to the African wildcat6. Over 9,000 years ago, these wildcats began to forge bonds with humans, leading to the early stages of domestication. This mutual relationship benefited both parties: cats received food and shelter, while humans benefited from the cats' skills in keeping rodent populations in check.

The African wildcat's genetic fingerprint is evident in all domestic cats. Over millennia, as humans migrated and settled in various regions, these cats accompanied them. Different environments and selective breeding gave rise to the myriad breeds we recognize today. From the sleek Siamese, influenced by the warm climate of Southeast Asia, to the fluffy Siberian, adapted to Russia's colder regions, each breed's unique characteristics can be linked back to environmental adaptations and human preferences over time.


The world of cat breeds is vast and varied. From the survivalist Singapura to the majestic Maine Coon, each breed tells a story of evolution, adaptation, and human influence. As we continue to cherish our feline friends in 2023, understanding their rich histories and wild origins only deepens our appreciation and connection to them.



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