Noba Animal Co., a family owned business, develops, manufactures and markets high-end and premium pet products. Evolving mainly in the hygiene market, which is growing rapidly worldwide, the company has a large international distribution network for its trademarks.

We stand out for our value-added products which combine simplicity, design,technology and efficiency to make life easier for consumers and their pets.

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  • Our network of partners is an integral and essential part of our team.

    Remain flexible, acute and prompt.

    Quality before quantity.

    Listen, challenge our thoughts and ideas.

  • Our team is the reason for our success.

    Simpler is always better.

    Imagined for pets, developed for owners.

Our team

Our team is, without a doubt, our most important asset. It consists of a unique combination of highly qualified professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. These essential resources are supported by dedication and a constant collaborative effort, which is why our team is continuously working hard to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

From production to delivery, we can handle and support every step of the process. Our objective is to create an efficient, sustainable and profitable business relationship with long term partners: your success is instrumental to ours.

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Working every day to enhance the unique relationship between our customers and their pets.


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