• Contains probiotics that are distributed evenly thanks to our active technology.

  • Moisture from urine and feces activates the probiotics, stopping the biochemical process that leads to creation of ammonia, which is responsible for strong, foul litter box odours.

  • By replacing soiled litter with fresh product during maintenance, active technology is maintained, enabling a sustainable, fresh and odour free litter box environment.

  • Low dust formula, ideal for people and pets with respiratory issues.

  • Probiotics promote quick dehydration of feces, leading to easy maintenance and less wasted litter. Go up to 3 months between litter box maintenances.

  • Foul odours are neutralized at their source.
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Low dust formula

Scientifically formulated to limit bacteria growth and odours.

Produces super flat, super compact clumps, helping you cut down on litter use and maintenance like never before.

Made from pure, highest- quality sodium bentonite for maximum efficiency.


All natural, plant
based Ultra Clumping cat litter

  • Low Dust Formula: Noba® Soy’s shape and sensation are very similar to clay litter. Because it is plant based, it contains and produces little to no dust.

  • Flushable or Compostable: All-natural and compostable, Noba® Soy can safely be disposed of in the toilet or in the compost bin.

  • All Natural & Safe: Made from food processing residues, Noba® Soy is “naturally” the best choicethere is!

  • Lightweight.

  • 400% quick absorption: Noba® Soy is formulated to have unparalleled absorption power.

  • Odour control: Noba® Soy’s activated carbon additive helps control odours naturally.

  • Quick transition: looks and feels just like clumping clay cat litter

  • 100% biodegradable: made of 100% food processing residue

  • Suitable for cats of all ages.
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Low dust formula

Can safely be disposed of in the toilet
or in the compost bin.

“Naturally” the best choice of litter
on the market

Made of 100% food processing residue


Ultra clumping and odour control formula

NOBA ADVANCED is specially formulated with activated carbon to reduce the unpleasant odours of your favorite feline.


4 kg


15 kg


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Natural carbon activated
additive for optimal odor control

Low dust

Absorbs liquids and
odours instantly

Silica beads added
for an optimal absorption


an unbeatable value!

Made from pure sodium bentonite. Canada LitterTM’s amazing instant-clumping capabilities and unrivaled absorption are the product of our uncompromising approach to purity, functionality and quality.


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Available in baby powder scent, lavender scent and unscented

Absorbs liquids and odours instantly

One bag lasts up to twice as long as the competition


More demanding situations require better products. Canada LitterTM Multicat, with Dual Odour Defense, is specially formulated to reduce odours in homes with multiple cats. Baking soda absorbs moisture while activated carbon inhibits odours. Strong, foul smells don’t stand a chance.


18 kg


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Low dust formula

Dual Odor Defense technology; powerful and instant odour neutralizer

Designed and manufactured in Canada

  • With Canada LitterTM Multicat, clumps form quickly, making maintenance more efficient. Clumps are also more solid, helping them stay intact during maintenance and leaving remaining litter clean and odour free.

  • Moisture control helps prevent bacteria proliferation.
  • Perfect for multicat households.

  • Its Dual Odor Defense technology (baking soda + activated carbon) is a powerful and instant odour neutralizer.

  • Convenient size (18 KG).

  • Low dust formula.


for today’s most
discerning pet owner!

Eurolitter® clumps so quickly you virtually never need to empty and clean a pan soiled by liquids sticking to sidewalls or sinking to the bottom. It produces clumps so strong they won’t fall apart like they do with many other leading brands of litter.

Eurolitter® absorbs moisture quickly and effectively, leaving the rest of the litter clean, dry and untouched.


7 kg

15 kg

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Available in baby powder scent, lavender scent and unscented

Absorbs liquids and odours instantly

One bag lasts up to twice as long as the competition


For full and
active lifestyles (cats
and owners included)!

ActivCat naturally controls odours. Its Alpine Fresh Scent will help you keep the air surrounding the pan and around your house fresh. It is quick-clumping, which makes for fast and easy maintenance.


4 kg

10 kg

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