The Cateco Odour-Proof litter box: which type should I choose?

February 20, 2019

We get a lot of questions about which type of cat litter should be used with the Cateco Odour-Proof litter box. We get it: the Cateco is what's referred to as a “system” litter box – which means it does more than just sit in a corner collecting shudder-inducing messes and developing those foul stenches we’re so good at eliminating – and many system litter boxes can require a proprietary type or brand of cat litter to perform as intended.

And with the wealth of options now available to consumers, how’s a cat parent to choose anyways?!

So which cat litter is best to use with the Cateco? The short answer is THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF THEM. Just in case, here are your options, in detail:

Clumping litter is our original litter of choice for the Cateco. It is typically made of sodium bentonite, which is a binding clay that clumps when it comes in contact with liquids. Clumping litter performs marvelously when used with the Cateco! By scooping daily and replacing soiled litter as you go, you should see a drastic reduction in maintenance times, which also means less waste. Just remember that the better the quality, the better the results: higher-end clumping litters will clump superficially (on their surface, creating flatter and more compact clumps), preventing liquids from reaching the walls of your Cateco and extending time between cleanings.

Absorbing litter is an amazingly diverse segment and offers cat owners the means to match their relationship with their furry loved one/s to lifestyle choices, personal preferences or to accommodate certain health-related issues for the cat or its owner. This segment includes non-clumping clay, silica crystals, corn, wheat, walnut, tofu and even grass-based litters. Many of these are from recycled or otherwise sustainable sources and are biodegradable. These are also strong performers when used with the Cateco. In fact, the Cateco can actually extend the lifespan of absorbing litters (sometimes by up to 50%!) thanks to the dry litter environment made possible by its air circulation technology! And as with clumping litter, the better the quality, the better the results.

There are two types of litter with which you’ll want to tread lightly: recycled newspaper and large, slow-absorbing wood pellets (usually pine). Although we’ve had some positive reviews from Cateco owners who use these litters, they are not ideally suited for our system and can create issues with some of the Cateco’s components, which in turn would impede on its performance and take away from your experience.

So, if you’re new to the cat-parent or Cateco game, we encourage you to experiment and find the right fit for you and your family (furry friends included). If, on the other hand, you’re a seasoned veteran, be confident in knowing that the Cateco is probably perfectly suited to the litter you’re already using.

If you have any additional questions regarding cat litter, the Cateco Odour-Proof litter box or its line of accessories, drop us a line at

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