The parasite that has an eye on you

February 8, 2023

The parasite that has an eye on you

It's a creature worthy of your worst nightmares: invisible to the naked eye, it influences the minds of its victims and may be hiding in your home right now... Do you know Toxoplasma gondii?

In one of our previous articles, we presented this fecal parasite as the business partner par excellence. By lodging in the cells of its host, Toxoplasma gondii makes it more reckless, so much so that in humans, we detect a link between the infection and the entrepreneurial fiber!

Present on all continents, the skilled manipulator has conquered the world just as his favorite host has conquered the internet. Indeed, even if Toxoplasma gondii has the incredible ability to infect all mammals, its preferred host is the cat. Can we blame him?

Since Toxoplasma gondii must pass through the kitty's digestive system to complete its life cycle, your whiskered companion's feces potentially expose you to the parasite. For those who would be tempted to go into business, refrain from cleaning the litter box without precautions in the hope of acquiring a super power. Unlike Spiderman's bite, Toxoplasma gondii infection is not without health risks!

It is true that the infection is usually asymptomatic in humans. However, among the possible effects, there is blurred vision and the appearance of " floaters " (those small white shapes that sometimes obstruct vision).

The phenomenon is due to the fact that Toxoplasma gondii particularly likes the retina, at the back of the eye. It causes recurrent attacks of inflammation which, once healed, can cause a loss of vision. A study on this subject showed that 50% of the eyes affected in the patients followed no longer allowed driving, and that 25% presented irreversible blindness.

"Ocular toxoplasmosis" is a disease that usually affects healthy adults. Although it is easily diagnosed by an ophthalmologist during a retinal examination, it cannot be treated since no medication to date can eradicate the parasite from the body. Once infected, a person is a carrier for life.

Fortunately, Toxoplasma gondii infection is easily prevented. Freezing or cooking meat to a minimum internal temperature of 66°C, washing fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding drinking untreated water, and of course cleaning your hands after making the litter are all ways to eliminate the parasite.

On this subject, the Noba Animal Co. team had your well-being in mind when designing its zero waste litter disposal system. With its scoop holder, convenient handle, wide opening and custom compostable bags, germs are kept at bay.

We're keeping our eyes wide open you!

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Geneviève Coudé

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