Why Cats Love to Scratch and the Benefits of Choosing the Right Scratching Post

September 14, 2023

Cats, with their captivating and whimsical nature, are celebrated for certain behaviors — and scratching tops that list. Delving deeper into this behavior not only answers many cat owners' questions but also offers insights into how to nurture this instinct effectively.

The Science Behind the Scratch

Scratching serves a multi-purpose role in a cat's life. Firstly, it facilitates the shedding of the outer sheath of their claws, promoting healthy nail growth. Moreover, this behavior provides an avenue for our feline friends to stretch, flex their feet, and mark territory both visually and through the release of pheromones from specialized glands in their paws

Do Scratching Posts Really Work for Cats?

Yes, they do! A well-constructed scratching post not only deters your cat from taking out their scratching instincts on your favorite couch but also fulfills their natural desires. The Noba Evolution scratching post, a premium product made with Fique rope, sets a gold standard in this category.

Fique Rope: A Cat's Best Friend

Harvested from the agave plant, Fique rope boasts of its durability and eco-friendliness. Its dense nature promises longevity, making scratching posts constructed with it a worthy investment. Given its superior qualities, a Fique rope-constructed post, like the Noba Evolution, ensures your cat's scratching needs are met for a prolonged period.

Proudly Crafted in Québec, Canada

Every Noba product exudes quality and craftsmanship, and that's because they are lovingly made in Québec, Canada. This commitment to quality and local craftsmanship ensures you're getting a product that's both thoughtfully designed and built to last.

The Advantage of Adjustability

The Noba Evolution scratching post isn't just about quality material. Its adjustable height ensures it grows alongside your feline companion. Whether you're the proud owner of a petite kitten or a full-grown majestic breed, this post seamlessly adjusts from 17 inches, extending to 22, 28, and even 33 inches.

Innovative Features for Extended Lifespan

A distinctive feature of Noba's scratching posts is their reversible nature. This design ensures even wear and extends the post's lifespan, guaranteeing more value for your investment. Moreover, understanding the wear and tear associated with consistent use, Noba also offers post replacements. This means you won't need to replace the entire scratching post or cat tree, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Introducing Your Cat to Their New Scratching Post

Cats can sometimes be creatures of routine. Hence, introducing a new scratching post might require a bit of strategy:

  • Strategic Placement: Situate the post in areas your cat frequents or has previously shown scratching tendencies.
  • The Lure of Catnip: Organic Catnip can be your best ally. Noba Bliss and Noba Mist can be generously applied to make the post irresistible.
  • Engage in Play: Incorporate the post in playtime, making it a fun and familiar object for your feline.

Beyond Traditional Posts: Noba Origin Pet Houses

Why limit your cat to just traditional posts? The Noba Origin Pet houses, made with high-density felt, are not only cozy retreats but also double as excellent scratchers, combining comfort with function.


Understanding the 'why' behind your cat's scratching habits is the first step in catering to their needs. By investing in quality products, like those handcrafted in Québec by Noba, you are ensuring a harmonious coexistence with your furry friend. With the durability of Fique rope, the adaptability of the Noba Evolution posts, and the dual functionality of the Noba Origin houses, your cat's scratching needs are not just met, but exceeded. Cheers to happy cats and scratch-free furniture!

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